Union Hotel, Tumbarumba, NSW

New South Wales, TumbarumbaUnion Hotel, Tumbarumba, NSW

South End of The Parade, Tumbarumba Phone: 02 6948 2013

In 1963 (Yeah I know you all remember it well!) Johnny Devlin reached number 5 in both Sydney and Brisbane with his atrocious ‘hit’, Stomp the Tumbarumba.

I have no freeking idea what a song that pleaded with surfies from Avalon to Waikiki to start stomping had to do with a flyspeck town at the foot of the Snowy Mountains, but I do know that it was the first I’d ever heard of the place.

(For you youngsters out there, hit this link to listen to Johnny at work on this wonderful track

….and then google ‘Stomp Dance’ for explanations of the intricate footwork required for this dance of love!)

Folks in Tumbarumba don’t much seem to stomp any more and when you get there you won’t be much concerned with dance moves, more salivating at the roads ahead or just experienced. Coz Tumby’s a portal to the supreme riding of the Snowy and the Victoria Alps.

It’s a good town with every facility you’re likely to require, plus it’s got two pubs that seem to be in a competition to see who’s the more motorcyclist friendly. And that can’t be a bad thing!

My pub of choice here is the Union Hotel which is run by wife and husband team, Amanda and David who took over the license late in 2013.

First of all it’s a friendly as any pub you’ll find, secondly it is trying its guts out to make riders feel at home.

Like giving riders free beer!

Well kinda!

The place was built in 1897 and needs a bit of work. Amanda and Dave have been after the owner to renovate the showers and fix some other issues but they are slowly making the place very liveable, but the overnight rate is just 30 bucks a head and…….motorcyclists get a free beer when they check in! Yes, correct, turn up and pay a measly thirty for a room here and you’ll first of all get a free beer if you’ve arrived on two wheels!

There’s fifteen rooms in a mixture of singles, twins, a triple and 3 doubles with queen beds plus a self contained unit out the back with four rooms each having a pair of single beds.

The rooms all have a mini fridge, electric heaters and the beds have electric blankets for the cold and floor fans for the warmer months. Windows can be opened and the hosts reckon the lack of screens isn’t a problem coz it’s too cold for mozzies.

There’s secure lockable and some undercover parking around the back and in parts of the beer garden.

Amanda cooks big portions of pub grub lunches and dinners from Tuesday to Sunday and there’s pizzas available on Monday nights. A schooner of mid-strength is $4.50 which is about as cheap as you’ll find in the country.

There’s a quartet of pokies but no Keno or TAB but there’s a pool table and a well-stocked juke box, and a decent old BBQ if you bring a few friends!

The pub has the motorcyclist friendly booking practice of not taking deposits for accommodation as they understand that riders are more prone to uncontrolled variables than most travellers. (Please repay this by ringing early if you need to cancel.)

Union Hotel, south end of The Parade, Tumbarumba, NSW
T: 02 6948 2013
E: unionhotel@mail.com