The Travellers’ Rest, Long Flat

New South Wales, Long FlatThe Travellers’ Rest, Long Flat

Oxley Hwy Phone: 02 6587 4231

Not sure whether I’ve just lucked into a certain type of pub recently or if there’s a trend happening but it seems an increasing number of country pubs are turning some of their rooms into bunkhouse type accommodation. It’s a great idea for catering to larger groups of riders whilst also maintaining other smaller room options for solivagants like myself, and for couples.

This month we have a great example in the Long Flat on the Oxley. It’s run by a mad (in many senses of the word) biker, and you’ll almost never be the only bike parked there!

The Oxley is the stuff of which dreams are made. It’s one of the very best riding sections in this country and any morning week or weekend you’ll find riders meeting at its source near Wauchope for the 160km blat up to Walcha, a break at our first PotM, the Royal and back. Is there a better way to spend a day?

The most popular hook up site is 30km west along the road at The Travellers Rest at Long Flat, known far and wide as, ‘The Long Flat”.

It’s run by Aleisa and her guy, Craig, who is the licensee along with his parents. It’s their second pub after their first up at Graman.

Soapbox Rant: One thing that is sure to turn me off when I arrive at any pub, café or servo is a sign proclaiming that the bathrooms/toilets/tables/chairs/sandpit are for the use of customers only. Have a bit of brains!!!! Be nice to my bladder and legs this time and my wallet’ll look after you next visit!

If the road right outside the bar is too crammed with bikes (a not uncommon occurrence) when you turn up at the Long Flat Pub and you have to park adjacent to the beer garden you’ll likely seen a sign announcing that non customers ARE WELCOME to use the facilities (so long as they clean up their rubbish). And that ladies and gentlemen pretty much sums up what this this is about.

If your prime criterion in pub selection is happy friendly service then get your butt inside because the welcome you’ll get is right up with the very best and the locals on this side of the bar are as eager for a chat as are the folks pouring you that coldie!

This is another pub which eschews gambling in favour of traditional pub sports like talking, yarning, boasting, exaggerating, where your tales get more impressive and less believable as the day wears on. And you won’t have to shout them over a blaring call of the Dapto Dogs!

Unusually there’s no pool table but there is a well stocked juke box.

Out back there’s an extensive bistro area facing the Hastings River (where you can camp for free) and beside the pub there’s the aforementioned all-welcoming beer garden.

I’m not sure whether I’m supposed to mention the bike burn-out pad which can provide all the smoky fun your mob may want, so maybe I’d better not.

Accommodation consists of 6 rooms with various configs ranging from a double bed to a double and three singles including some bunks. It’s a flat rate of 35 bucks a head.

The rooms are pretty cramped but large comfortable common areas more than make up for their lack of space.

If you choose to swag down on the pub’s magnificent river frontage, you’ll get use of the showers and toilets on the grand old aussie understanding that you’ll buy at least a couple of drinks and maybe a feed in the bar.

The Long Flat serves lunch from Wed thru Sunday and dinner on Friday and Saturday but if you’ve a big group, and let them know in advance, Aleisa’ll put on a spread for you any day.

The toilets and showers are all shared and well maintained; the water pressure is very good.

You can park your ride around the back under the restaurant deck where it’ll be out of the weather but not lockable.

There is not a rider who wouldn’t feel at home and at ease at The Travellers’ Rest. Stand outside on any weekend morning and listen to the bikes approaching; listen to the gears shifting down, and down because very few riders go past without stopping.

The Travellers’ Rest at Long Flat lost a few points on our rating scale due to its lack of things like air con and screened windows but was boosted by its general, and motorbike specific, friendliness. Its silver rating belies its magnetic attraction but with a value rating of almost 200 (where 100 is good), it’s a pub which I guarantee you’ll enjoy experiencing.

Go there with mates, a lot of mates. Book in for two nights, and spend the day between savouring the Oxley and the Waterfall Way then come back to some good grub in a top bikers’ pub. You won’t have many better days!


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Tel: (02) 6587 4231