Quinalow Hotel

Queensland, QuinalowQuinalow Hotel

1 Progress St, Quinalow Phone: 07 4692 1167

If you are on your own or with just a couple of mates, or if night traffic noise is a problem for you, you might wanna head a bit south then south west from Cooyar to Quinalow. (Yeah I know, I’d never heard of it either til recently!)

The Quinalow Pub is owned (again) by Greg and Cheryl who’ve had it this time for 2012 when they bought it from the bloke who bought it from the fella who’d bought it from the bloke who’d Greg and Cheryl sold it to 20 years ago. (You follow that?)

Greg, an ex taxi driver, plasterer, restaurant owner, ex lots of other stuff and Cheryl, both hard core biking people sold out of pubs and kinda retired to their boat but kept coming back to this pub because they loved the village and its locals. In late 2011 the bloke who owned it was looking to get out and retire to a life on the ocean waves and I guess you’re ahead of me….

Greg and Cheryl figured if they were to return to Quinalow they had no need for the boat so they traded it in for the pub and fixed the remaining quarter in hard earned and they were back.

The pub’s a work in progress and has just the 4 rooms; a pair of doubles, a twin and a single. Turn up on your own and it’ll set you back an even $50.00, same for two in the one bed whilst a twin will be just ten bucks more.

The couple also owns the caravan park across the road and you can swag there for free on the honour system of spending the money you save back at the bar.

The rooms are spartan but all have reverse cycle air-con and windows which open. Traffic noise is zilch and once the evening laughter from the bar subsides you’ll easily be able to hear the snoring of your mate!

There’s no gambling at the Quinalow, no screaming race commentary drowning out conversations, but there’s a great pool table, a well stocked juke box and good food coming out of the kitchen.

Again there’s what’s called by people who seem never to’ve been to the continent, a ‘continental breakfast’ and you can store your hydration backs and drinks in the kitchen fridges and freezers.

There’s undercover lockup parking available (just watch out for Greg’s bikes) and if you are dirty, wet or cold, there’s a washing machine and dryer.

This is a tiny pub with a huge heart. It’s got shortcomings but the friendliness of the staff and the locals plaster over any cracks.

You stay there and in not too many moons, you’ll go back, probably not to drink warm sheep milk, but to share stories of your day’s riding through the nearby mountain roads.

The Quinalow rated 3 helmets on our scale with a value rating of 140 where anything over 100 is good.

Quinalow Hotel, Haden MacLagan Rd, Quinalow, T: 07 4692 1167 ask for Greg or Cheryl