Deepwater Inn

New South Wales, DeepwaterDeepwater Inn

Nth End of Town, NEH Phone: 02 67345111

(This is part of a multi-pub article I did for Australian Motorcyclist Magazine.)

Two years ago, Andrew and Lynn were based in Sydney and their daughter was having an overdue baby in Warwick, giving the couple countless trips along the NEH. They became interested in a house in Deepwater and, stopping to check it out one evening they spied a camping ground across the road. A granny was sitting knitting in what were ruins of pub which had burnt down two years prior and whilst chatting with her, she told them the burnt carcass was for sale.

Long story short, they flicked the house and bought the pub shell. And it was cheap. Interested buyers were sparse as the Council had put a caveat on this listed building that saw any new owners pay $1500.00 per day they owned the place until a conforming roof was in place. Any debt would be waived once a conforming roof was completed.

Well the roof’s on and Andrew and Lynn are breathing more easily. After a year operating “The Phoenix Pub” out of a shed out the back, the bar is nearly done and ten accommodation rooms are finished. The thick rock walls provide amazing temperature and sound insulation: the trucks rumble through all night on the NEH and the night was hot but my room was quiet and cool…reminded me of my cave in Coober Pedy!

All up there’re ten rooms, seven twins, two doubles and a family with a queen and bunks. I paid 40 bucks for my room, if I’d shared with a mate it’d have been $55.00. There were good hooks for my gear and an electric blanket and fan. I didn’t need any of this as the windows can be opened and are all screened.

Plenty of free camping out the back in the area which has been piss-takingly named, “The Hamptons”, but campers are charged for use of showers ($4.00) and the washing and drying machines.

So after parking the bike undercover next to my room (I could’ve locked it in a stable or the shed) and slipping into something more comfortable, I head back to talk to this tree change couple of non-drinking, non-smoking vegetarians who own a pub and a steak joint.

The bar is pretty much finished, the pokies sold to raise some development money. They won’t be coming back but there is a well stocked jukebox, quality pool table and an outdoor non-smoking area.

The separate dining room doubles as a café open from 7.00am each morning so you can get a hot breakfast although the pig part of my bacon and egg roll was about the stingiest I’ve ever had and the bun was hard and inhospitable.

There’s only 324 people Deepwater and there’re two pubs so Andrew and Lynn have also come up with a deal for riders in groups of six or more. For $39.00 each you get not just bed and breakfast but also dinner (from a slightly restricted menu) thrown in too. You’d go a ways to top that!

Like the Yangan, the Deepwater is a work in progress and with the expansive dreams of the owners, it’ll be like that for a fair while yet. In the meantime, it’s a pub that’s comfortable and welcoming, with owners who appreciate riders and our needs and the value of our custom. Check it out next time you’re on the NEH.