Petzl Head Torch

If there is any chance you might be riding in the country during dark, you should be packing a headtorch in your tool kit.

You don’t need convincing of this if you’ve tried to find an electrical fault, fix a puncture or mend a broken chain in the dark with a hand-held torch.

And if you’re looking for a rugged shock/water resistant head torch (and you should be!) you won’t find a better one than this.

It is by far the best constructed head torch that I have used. It will take dropping, dipping in water and will lock out sand and dirt.

It has the options of single beam, high beam and combined but not strobing.

It takes standard AA batteries and because it’s a Petzl, you can be sure of good after-sales service if anything does happen to go wrong.

In the interest of research, I rode the Super Tenere over it and dropped it in the ocean and it continues to work perfectly.

• Three lighting modes: wide, uniform beam, lights to 15 meters for 12 hours (30 lumens), mixed beam with focused component, lights to 30 meters for 6 hours (40 lumens) and highly focused beam, lights to 55 meters for 3 hours (50 lumens)
• Reserve lighting, lights to 15 meters for a minimum of 10 hours
• Easy to use, when wearing gloves, three-mode rotating selector dial
• Can rotate lamp body up to 45
RRP: $103.95


This product was purchased privately and not supplied for review by the distributor



Where to Buy

If you are in Sydney, get it from:

Total Height Safety,
10/87 Reserve Rd,
Artarmon (8.00 – 4.30 Mon -Fri)

Phone: 02 9966 9070